A Guide to HDTVs

Author: Koroush Ghazi

Last Modified: November 2013


One of the most desirable pieces of technology steadily infiltrating homes across the world is flat panel High Definition Television (HDTV). These TVs retail with a perplexing range of names, features, sizes and technical specifications, guaranteed to confuse all but the most tech-savvy buyer. Even after you purchase your exciting new HDTV and get it home, working out how to get the most out of it and ironing out the kinks can be a chore.

I'm sympathetic to the fact that most people aren't necessarily interested in the details and tech jargon surrounding HDTVs. They just want to know how to select the best display, and how to set it up for optimal viewing enjoyment. Unfortunately things are never that simple. There's a lot of conflicting and often deliberately misleading information available on the Internet which makes things very difficult. This is compounded by the TV manufacturers filling up technical spec sheets with vague marketing terms and dubious claims. Furthermore, there is currently no perfect display technology; they all have pros and cons, and require certain compromises.

The only way to make an educated decision, both at the time of purchase, and subsequently when adjusting the settings on your TV, is to develop a good understanding of the fundamental workings of HDTVs, combined with careful consideration of your own particular circumstances and tastes. This guide helps you to achieve just that, with information ranging from the very basic to more advanced topics for HDTV buyers and owners alike.