Unreal Tournament 2004 Tweak Guide

Author: Koroush Ghazi

Last Modified: August 2007


The original Unreal Tournament, released in 1999 is one of my all-time favorite games. I remember many, many hours of finger-stiffening, carpal tunnel-developing online deathmatches. At that time I truly thought it was the pinnacle of gaming heaven. Amazing graphics, great sound and almost perfectly balanced gameplay, not to mention real human opponents to provide a genuine challenge.

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When Unreal Tournament 2003 was released I was anticipating even more online fun and mayhem. Sadly, UT2003 never enjoyed the same level of popularity as the original UT. Some credit the many "Quake-like" changes the game underwent, others couldn't quite put their finger on it. Either way, it just wasn't UT. Fortunately the Unreal Engine which powers the game has been used to great effect in other popular games like Raven Shield and America's Army.

Now Epic Games, Digital Extremes and Atari have worked long and hard to introduce Unreal Tournament 2004. More than just an incremental upgrade from UT2003, it returns Unreal Tournament to its roots. The character models, guns, music and maps all look and play like UT. Bigger, better and with a great new gameplay mode called Onslaught, UT2004 is the real thing.

Following up on my UT2003 Tweak Guide, I've written this guide to provide you with everything you need to know to improve your UT2004 experience. As a compilation of detailed setting descriptions, recommendations, tweaks and links to important resources it guarantees something for every fan of this great game.

Note: This guide refers to the latest version of UT2004 Version 3369 and the 64-Bit Version. Make sure to check back regularly for updates.