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December 2005

Far Cry Version 1.4 HDR Patch Released

30 December 2005

A pre-release version of the new Far Cry 1.4 Patch has been released at Guru3D. This patch is 5MB in size, and allows the use of both HDR and Antialiasing at the same time, on both Nvidia 6x00, 7x00 and ATI X1x00 series graphics cards - something which was not possible before in Far Cry. To find out more about the patch, check the link above, and also check out Page 9 of my Far Cry Tweak Guide for more details of the relevant HDR commands.

Update: Users report mixed results - see this thread for more details.

TweakGuides Clan Video

30 December 2005

The TweakGuides Clan (TwK) was formed only recently, but just like TweakGuides itself, the Clan is dedicated to playing fair, playing fast, and having fun. Scorpion from our Forums has put together a fantastic TwK Clan Video (28MB) which really gives a taste of the variety of games we play, and the way in which we play them - all choreographed to a great soundtrack. If you're interested in the clan, check out the new TwK Clan sub-forum on our Forums. Note, you'll need the free DivX codec to view the video.

Update: We're having problems with the host for the file being slow due to heavy demand. I will post a better download link for the video shortly!

Update 2: Link fixed, give it a try.

Firefox Slowdown Issues

28 December 2005

I've recently noticed that my Firefox 1.5 browser has been sporadically slow and less responsive. This is particularly noticeable on various forums, and places where Javascript has been used. I decided to do a complete uninstall, thorough cleanout and reinstall of Firefox 1.5, and retweaked it, and now Firefox is back to being fast and responsive. My conclusion is that even uninstalling older versions of Firefox before installing 1.5 is not sufficient - if you are experiencing slowdown issues like I have been, I strongly recommend you do a full uninstall and cleanout of your old Firefox profiles/files and start afresh as detailed on page 3 of my Firefox Tweak Guide. Make sure to backup your bookmarks file first, but don't keep any of your other files/settings. Then after installing Firefox 1.5, carefully tweak a few settings at a time until you're happy with Firefox's speed.

Quick Update

27 December 2005

Well hopefully everyone had a great Christmas, and if you're lucky you might be enjoying some holidays right now. I just want to give a quick heads-up that my major revision of the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion is on track to be completed in the first few days of January and will be available for everyone to download then. I'm very happy with its progress and although the guide will not be dramatically different to the current version, it contains a range of new advice, new links, refinements of existing advice and some rearranging - all in all, it will remain the same size but should be more useful than before. Watch out for it shortly, and if you have any last minute feedback on what you'd like to see in the revised version, drop into this thread and let me know.

The Persian Spirit of Christmas

25 December 2005

This isn't an update about a game, nor is it about my guides - it's a personal message, so if you're not in the mood to hear my thoughts you can ignore this entry.

As many of you may know or suspect, I am Iranian-born, and I often mention my Persian heritage. I know this bugs some of you, but there is a reason why I'm so proud of it. It's not just that Persians once ruled most of the known world. It's not just that I want to distance myself from the oppressive regime currently destroying Iran. It's to do with the noble spirit and ideals for which Ancient Persia stood: Justice, Tolerance and Dignity. Contrary to popular misconception, and contrary to the current state of modern Iran, Ancient Persia was a true multicultural society, and the early Persian Kings held the highest standards of Human Rights, as witnessed by the Cyrus Cylinder for example. I was reminded again of this more vividly when I recently visited Persepolis 3D, a project dedicated to the restoration of the Ancient Persian capital in the 3D world. In a world full of hatred and injustice, and at a time when some of us are celebrating Christmas and the coming of the New Year, now more than ever we need these ancient symbols and images revived as a reminder of what was, and what could be once again.

On this site I readily encourage people to learn more about their computers. Now I want to urge all of you to gain a greater understanding of the broader world around you: read widely, ask questions, communicate with people of different backgrounds as often as possible - we have the gift of the Internet to do just this. As we learn more about the world around us, we can better apply the concepts of Justice, Tolerance and Dignity individually and collectively. I am Persian, a descendant of Cyrus the Great, and this is my Persian Christmas Message to you all. I hope you pardon this rare indulgence on what is otherwise a site dedicated to PC tweaking.

GoldenEye: Source Mod

25 December 2005

A team of modders have managed to release an alpha build of the GoldenEye: Source total conversion for Valve's Source engine. I still vividly remember the original GoldenEye 007 game, the first one I got for my Nintendo64 back in late 1997. This is definitely a game worth resurrecting and putting onto a modern engine. To see screenshots and user feedback on this mod, check this thread on our forums.

Call of Duty 2 1.01 Patch Released

24 December 2005

Having just posted a news item about an upcoming Call of Duty 2 Patch below, I'm surprised to see that a Call of Duty 2 1.01 Patch has been released. It weighs in at 5.5MB, however it is not the much-anticipated patch announced earlier. This patch only contains potential optimizations for Dual Core and HyperThreading CPUs, and hence is only recommended for such systems. There are no other changes. This Review of the patch's practical benefits for Dual Core/HT systems shows that there are minimal performance improvements, but I still recommend this for such users as it may help resolve any COD2 issues on dual core systems.

Note: The patch is released by Intel, but works on AMD Dual Core CPUs as well.

Forceware Dual Core Registry Fix for Quake 4

24 December 2005

It is known that the 80 series Nvidia drivers can cause problems with games on Dual Core/HyperThreading systems due to their optimizations for such CPUs. The most prominent of these problems is issues with Quake 4's new 1.05 beta 'dual core' patch. AMDZone have posted the registry fix you need to implement to resolve this issue at the bottom of this article. If you don't have a dual core CPU and/or are not experiencing problems then you can ignore this.

Day of Defeat: Source Update Released

23 December 2005

A major update for DOD:S has been released. You can read the details here, and to install it simply restart your Steam Client while connected to the Net.

Half Life 2 64-bit Released

23 December 2005

Valve have released the 64-bit Version of Half Life 2, based on the 64-bit Source engine. Other Source-based games will be released for 64-bit platforms shortly, but note that these can only be played on a system with a 64-bit CPU and Windows x64. There is no new content, the main benefits come from better performance. For more details see this thread on our forums.

Nvidia Official Beta 82.12 Forceware Released

23 December 2005

Hot on the heels of the official 81.98 Forceware drivers (see below), Nvidia have released an Official 82.12 Beta Forceware driver set. The main changes are added support for 6800GS AGP cards, and the Dell 3007WFP display panel. If you don't have this hardware, I suggest you stick with the 81.98s.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

23 December 2005

Well we've arrived at the end of another year, and it's time for me to thank you for your patience and patronage of this humble site. 2005 has seen TweakGuides truly grow in every sense of the word. We've had some trials and tribulations along the way, but the site's mission has remained intact: to provide you with the best free source of information to understand and tweak your PC and games - wherever you are in the world. I believe that computers should be a source of stress relief, not stress.

To that end I promise that the site will continue to stay simple in design and quick to load, and of course totally free, to help you achieve that goal. But I have plans for TweakGuides to continue growing in terms of features and new offerings. For example, the addition of the TweakGuides Forums now allows members of our global community to help each other and discuss topics of interest in a friendly atmosphere; my upcoming major revision of the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion will provide you with the latest information on how to maintain and optimize your Windows XP to its fullest in one handy downloadable reference source; and I have some great guides planned for 2006 culminating in the release of a Windows Vista Tweak Guide around this time next year. Stay plugged in to this site and you'll see what I mean.

Anyway I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a successful New Year, and I look forward to your company again in 2006!

Call of Duty 2 Patch Announced

23 December 2005

In a move which will prove popular with Call of Duty 2 fans who were starting to despair, Infinity Ward have announced that COD2 Patch will be released in early 2006 - no firm date as yet. Importantly, the patch will incorporate PunkBuster anti-cheat protection, which is something that will go a long way towards making COD2 multiplayer more attractive to a range of players. Hopefully the patch will arrive soon, as Infinity Ward seem to have made several major PR mistakes of late which have alienated the community, including this slap in the face for COD modders. COD2 is a great game, and hopefully with decent support it will get even better.

TweakGuides "Best PC Game of 2005"

22 December 2005

OK, after a week of voting, and with 174 votes in place, the TweakGuides Best PC Game of 2005 has been won by Battlefield 2, which took out almost a third of the votes. However F.E.A.R came a very, very close second, only 3 votes behind. Despite my personal problems with BF2, it looks like the readers have spoken - congrats to BF2! Surprisingly Need for Speed: Most Wanted came last, and my personal favorite Call of Duty 2 came a distant third. Thanks to all who participated.

Forum Registration Problems Fixed

22 December 2005

I know some of you have had issues with not being able to register for the forums, because you have not received your registration verification email. With a lot of effort from the tech support team at my new host, it appears the issue of missing emails from the forums has been fixed. The site was down for 2 hours as the fix was implemented. All uses awaiting registration are now registered, so just log in to the forums directly with your username/password. All new registrants should have no problems - Email me if you do. Apologies for the inconvenience. In all other respects the site seems to be much faster and better than ever before, so things are looking good for 2006!

Quake4 Quakemas Map Pack Released

22 December 2005

Activision have released the Quakemas Map Pack containing 3 new official multiplayer maps for Quake 4 - Rails, Tremors and Campgrounds Redux. The pack is 24MB and a must-get for Quake 4 fans.

Nvidia Forceware 81.98 Released

22 December 2005

Nvidia have released their latest Official graphics drivers, Forceware 81.98. These contain a range of fixes listed here and I recommend you install these if you run an Nvidia graphics card. I will update my Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guide shortly.

ATI Catalyst 5.13 Released

22 December 2005

ATI have released the latest official Catalyst 5.13 graphics drivers. These have a range of fixes, and of note now include H.264 hardware video acceleration for the X1000 series graphics cards when using this Avivo decoder. If you run a non-X1000 series card, you can try this ATI Avivo Converter to enable it on other ATI cards. I recommend this Catalyst to most users due to several game fixes, and I will update my ATI Catalyst Tweak Guide shortly.

CounterStrike Source: Update Released

22 December 2005

A new Steam Update has been released for CS:S. Full details are here, and include a fair few fixes. Restart your Steam client to get this update.

OPN - AMD Processor Identifier

21 December 2005

If you're wondering what the exact details for a particular AMD CPU are, based on the various codes and numbers on it, then give OPN a try. It's a free downloadable AMD processor identification program.

New Host, Same Site

20 December 2005

If you're reading this, you're seeing TweakGuides on its new host. While the site contents remain exactly the same, hopefully it will be much more responsive, particularly at peak usage times. Thankfully it looks like the move went relatively smoothly, and no data was lost. Now I can get on with completing the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion revision :)

Update: There were some issues with registering on the forums, due to lack of verification images. This has now been resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience.

It's Moving Time

20 December 2005

TweakGuides is moving to its new host at the moment. While the main site should not experience any disruptions, the forums may be down for up to a day because I have to close off the database behind it, move that database to the new server, then wait while the domain name and are updated to point correctly to my new server on all the different nameservers around the world. Please bear with me as this change is made. Apologies to forum goers - if you see a message telling you the forums are offline, please be patient as the forums will be back up with all users and information intact shortly.

Update: Good news, the forums and the rest of the site have been transferred across without any problems. Now all you have to do is wait until the domain names for point you to the new server, there's nothing you have to do on your end. The way to tell if you're on the new server is to visit the Forums - if you see that they're open, you have arrived at the new server.

Another Quick Update

19 December 2005

'Twas the week before Christmas, and I'm busy working on finishing the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion major revision. But now I also have another fun task - moving the site to another host. Yes, the site is experiencing growing pains, due to ever-increasing traffic and increasing forum membership. This is of course a good thing, but to make sure that the site stays fast and responsive, I am upgrading the server on which it is hosted. The move should cause no disruptions to the main site, but the forums may be shut down for a period as the database is moved across to the new host. I'll let you know before it happens, but for most users there is no impact as such - it's all behind the scenes stuff.

Next up I want to remind you guys that if you haven't already, you should check out the TweakGuides Frappr. It's still going strong, with around 400 members. To see all these members on the map, scroll down to below the map and keep clicking the 'Show 50 more markers' link. Also click the 'View All Photos' link to see what some of our readers look like. I haven't posted a photo but you can see my ugly mug here. If you want to say hi to other readers, drop into the Community section of Our Forums.

Speaking of which, we still have the TweakGuides Best PC Game of 2005 poll running for a few more days on the forums. Get in quick if you haven't voted yet, because it's a close battle between Battlefield 2 and F.E.A.R. at the moment. Which game will take out this prestigious title? You decide!

WarRock - A Free Battlefield 2 Alternative

17 December 2005

If you enjoy the Battlefield 2 style of game, then here's some great news: You can download WarRock, an online FPS which is extremely similar to BF2. It weighs in at 188MB, and the best part is it's totally free. View some WarRock Screenshots and you'll see that it looks very cool. You can discuss the game and seek any help in installing it in this thread on our forums.

Quick Update

17 December 2005

As many of you know, I am currently working on updating the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion. The good news is that based on a range of feedback, along with careful editing, I believe the guide will be even more useful for Windows XP users out there. While the core advice remains the same, I'm updating a range of advice for new versions of recommended applications, adding totally new advice, providing new links to great resources, clarifying existing instructions, correcting minor errors and rearranging things to take an even better logical order. As requested there will be a short 'Quick Start' tweak section listing the most important things to do after a fresh install, but for the most part the guide will remain quite hefty, as it is intended as a reference source. I believe I can get it to you by just after New Years at the latest, so stay tuned.

Celestia - Explore Space

17 December 2005

If you like all things Space related like I do, you should check out Celestia. It's a space simulation (not a game) which you can download for free (12MB) and use to do virtual tours of the solar system. With a host of free Add Ons, such as a 136MB perfectly accurate model of our Sun, this is a great way to get better acquainted with our neighborhood - think of it as Google maps for the solar system!

A Case for Hope

16 December 2005

I don't usually do this, but I was made aware of a noble undertaking by forum member Foe which I thought I'd tell you about. She has organised a group of modders to produce this Custom Computer which is selling on Ebay. The difference is that all the proceeds from the sale of this rig will go towards helping out the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. You can read more about the undertaking here, and to be honest even if you don't care about helping others, maybe you want a unique custom rig as a gift for yourself or a loved one this Christmas, so check it out.

TweakGuides "Best PC Game of 2005"

15 December 2005

Very soon, almost every website on the net will have a "Best of 2005" for something or another. So I thought I'd get ahead of the game and post our very own TweakGuides Best PC Game of 2005 poll. To participate you must be a forum member and cast your vote in the poll linked above. I will announce the results in a week's time here on the front page.

UT2004 Bonus MegaPack Released

15 December 2005

Epic continue to strongly support UT2004 by releasing the UT2004 MegaPack, a 200MB download which contains 9 new maps, the Editor's Choice contents, as well as the latest patch. BeyondUnreal have a Review of this patch and what it contains, but obviously if you're a UT2004 fan you should grab this as soon as possible, and once again I give full credit to Epic for providing such great support for UT2004. I wish more games were supported like this.

DivX 6.1 Released

15 December 2005

A new version of DivX has been released, bringing it up to Version 6.1. This new version of the popular codec contains speed improvements, particularly for dual core CPUs, as well as other improvements, so if you use DivX I recommend upgrading to the latest version soon.

Windows Critical Updates Released

14 December 2005

Microsoft has released three new critical updates for Windows as part of its regular cycle of security patches. You should install these by running Windows Update as soon as possible.

Quake 4 Beta 1.05 Patch Released

13 December 2005

Activision has produced a special Beta 1.05 Patch for Quake 4. This patch can increase the performance of Quake 4 from 25% - 87% on systems with dual core CPUs as well as Intel CPUs with HyperThreading. If you have such a system I recommend you check out the patch. It's good to see developers finally starting to tap into the performance benefits of dual core CPUs. Note, to enable dual core/HT usage for Quake 4, once the patch is installed you will need to use the r_useSMP 1 command in the console - see page 8 of my Quake 4 Tweak Guide for details.

TweakGuides Frappr

11 December 2005

What's a TweakGuides Frappr you ask? It's a simple concept initiated by Scorpion on our forums: click the link above and check it out for yourself. There's no need to register or provide your email or personal details - just enter your name and your city, and a message if you wish, and you'll appear on the world map. Looking at my server statistics I can see TweakGuides has around 400,000 readers a month in over 120 countries, so let's visually demonstrate just how global the community is!

Update: Well will you look at that, it is a small world after all! It's very cool to see such a wide-spread community, and the pictures some of you have been posting really help me put a face to the people reading my guides. Keep it up guys, let's fill that map with markers!

Update 2: Still going strong, we've got a fair chunk of the map covered! Make sure to click the 'Show all markers' link under the map, as only 100 are shown by default. Thanks to all the readers out there who've made themselves known so far!

Day of Defeat Source To Get Cinematic Effects

10 December 2005

Over at Bit-Tech they look at DOD:S and its upcoming additional 'Cinematic Effects' including motion blur, film grain, dust and so on. The article gives a good run-down on the new technologies being introduced, and although I haven't played DOD:S, I am sorely tempted to give it a try if it winds up looking as realistic as the screenshots imply. Gaming has come a long way from the days of Pong.

A Close Call, A Lesson Learned

10 December 2005

I had a close encounter of the near-disastrous kind tonight. After an hour of playing some NFS: Most Wanted, I decided to do a boot-time defrag using Diskkeeper. Once it finished it rebooted my machine only to be greeted by a blue screen error. And this one was a doozy: Process 1 Initialization Failed. To cut a long story short, each time I rebooted my machine it would give the same error at Windows startup and freeze. I tried entering Safe Mode and got the same error, which is a really bad sign. So here I was racking my brain trying to remember what to do to fix this, as I really didn't want to reinstall Windows, and my last backup was over a week old.

So in desparation I turned to my hard copy of the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion. I know a lot of the advice in the guide requires Internet access to read, but I went to the back of the Troubleshooting section to find the instructions on accessing the Windows Recovery Console. Twenty minutes later, after doing a FIXMBR and CHKDSK, I was able to boot back into Windows without any data lost, and no more errors. You have no idea how relieved I am!

You might be thinking "Great story, just sounds like an excuse to plug your own guide buddy". Not quite. You know why I tell this story? To demonstrate that whether newbie or so-called expert, all of us can feel the sting of computer problems. I've been firmly reminded - particularly now that I'm in the process of revising the Tweaking Companion - of how important it is for PC users to have good reference material to help us out of these inevitable jams. I'm going to pay even more attention to making it an easy-to-use and more detailed resource for helping people.

Stay tuned for the new and improved TweakGuides Tweaking Companion, coming soon to a near you. Oh, and if you haven't performed a backup in a while, just humor me and do one now. You never know what might happen the next time you reboot...

ATI Catalyst 5.12 Released

9 December 2005

ATI have released the official Catalyst 5.12 graphics drivers. These are the final version not beta, and I strongly recommend all ATI users upgrade to these if you are playing recent games and/or have recent ATI hardware. They include performance improvements for Dual Core and Hyperthreading CPUs and fixes for a range of recent games. ATI don't allow direct linking to their change list anymore, so see here for a list of changes. I have updated my ATI Catalyst Tweak Guide for these changes.

Update: It looks like ATI have discontinued the Control Panel, and users must now install the ATI Catalyst Control Center (ATI CCC). For instructions on how to reduce the bloat of the ATI CCC, see my tweak guide above.

Update 2: Check out page 2 of our Catalyst 5.12 Thread for some ways of using the latest Catalysts without installing the ATI CCC, and for a download link to a 5.12 Control Panel.

NFS: Most Wanted 1.3 Patch Released

7 December 2005

The first patch has been released for Need for Speed: Most Wanted, bringing it up to Version 1.3. The patch primarily contains a range of bug fixes, and doesn't seem to increase performance. However it is a must-install for NFS:MW players. For details and download links, check page 4 of my NFS: Most Wanted Tweak Guide. The rest of the guide remains unchanged.

XBox 360 - Microsoft Sued

6 December 2005

Given the problems facing some XBox 360 purchasers, which ultimately seems to be linked primarily to overheating power supplies, a Chicago man has decided to sue Microsoft in a class action. While I don't normally agree with legal solutions to problems - because usually only the lawyers win in such a scenario - in this case I give this guy the TweakGuides stamp of approval. Long-time readers may know just how much I detest the increasing trend towards various companies knowingly releasing unfinished or flawed products aimed at cashing in on high-tech consumers' eagerness and gullibility. Hopefully if this case results in a win for the consumer, companies like MS may learn that the profits reaped from targeting release dates ahead of quality can just as easily be clawed back through legal action for lack of quality control. I give full credit to large companies which design and release the amazing hardware and software we all enjoy. But at no point should we as consumers accept basic flaws in a product which could easily be prevented given some proper quality control procedures. If you have an opinion, post it in this thread.

BlackViper's Gone AWOL Again

6 December 2005

Most TweakGuides readers would be familiar with, the site which provides excellent Windows Services tweaking advice. After an extended absence from the web, returned recently for a short while, now only to go down again, apparently due to moving issues. For those of you missing the site, the best I can suggest is that you patiently await BlackViper's return.

Fraps Version 2.7.2 Released

5 December 2005

Everyone's favorite measurement/benchmarking/capturing tool Fraps has updated to version 2.7.2. If you already have a version of Fraps and it's working without any problems, there's no real need to update. However if you haven't yet tried this great utility, or if you are having weird problems with Fraps, make sure to download the new version now.

I Need a Couple of Favors From You

4 December 2005

What favors? Bear with me as I explain: Firstly, I need each and every TweakGuides reader to understand that I no longer answer any tech support emails. 'Tech support' covers everything from how to fix problems to purchasing advice through to asking my thoughts on how to use certain tweaks in games. I'm truly sorry, but I've given up even trying to answer basic queries, and if you want to know the reason it is spelt out here in the TweakGuides FAQ. This is a hobby site and I am already putting in the equivalent of a second job in terms of hours into running the site. I hope you understand and forgive me, but I'm not a saint.

As a way of making up for my lack of personal response to support requests, I have recently opened up the TweakGuides Forums. The forums are a great place to look for answers, ask questions, help others and generally share tips, tweaks and interesting news. I really do need you to get involved with the forums, because aside from helping yourself you will also be helping me and other readers by keeping us informed of how games and applications are running on various systems, any interesting news items you discover, any tips or tweaks you think might be worth sharing. I am as eager to learn as I am to write guides, and I need you guys to stir up a whole bunch of interesting conversations on these forums.

For example, I am in the midst of a major revision of my TweakGuides Tweaking Companion to make sure it stays a valuable reference source for tweakers. I want to add new advice, links to new and useful (free) software, and any new and unique tips which may be currently missing from the guide. So I humbly ask you to leave your productive thoughts in this thread on the Feedback forum. is a site which has the philosophy of helping people to help themselves. I'm now asking for you to give me a hand in improving the site, and a vital part of that is your involvement in our forums. I don't get an extra cent out of increased forum membership. In some ways it's actually taking up more of my time to manage the forums. But in the long run I know that with a strong forum community, and with your help I can continue to provide the best possible guides for PC users the world over.

Unreal Tournament 2004 3369 Patch Released

4 December 2005

Just to show that Epic look after their customers, a new patch has been released for the ageing but still popular Unreal Tournament 2004, bringing it up to Version 3369. The patch contains a range of fixes and some performance optimizations and is a must-install for UT2004 players. However there are no changes to my UT2004 Tweak Guide other than obviously updating version numbers.

Windows One Care (Beta) Live

3 December 2005

Microsoft have opened up the Beta of their Windows One Care service. It attempts to maintain and secure your PC, however from reading the One Care Overview to see what it actually does, I don't think it seems to do much at all. For example, as part of its 'automated tune-up' routine, it basically scans your PC for viruses, runs Defrag, runs Disk Cleanup, runs Windows Update and then runs Windows Backup. This would be handy for absolute novice PC users, but I think TweakGuides readers would know it is much easier to do this manually and in more efficient ways. Anyway check it out if it's of interest to you, and perhaps refer your non-technical friends/relatives to the service as a way of making sure they cover the basics on their PCs.

Update: It appears the beta is only open to North American customers at the moment. I imagine the final release will cover all customers.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series

2 December 2005

Those of you who enjoy a good laugh would already know about Ctrl+Alt+Del, a regular comic strip which pokes fun at gamers. Well the good news is that this classic comic series is being turned into an animated series starting in February 2006, with professional voice actors and the works. One to look out for in the new year.

Steam Update for CounterStrike: Source

2 December 2005

Another Steam update has been released, this time for CounterStrike: Source, and the list of changes is quite extensive, and includes a new map. Make sure to restart your Steam client while online and be patient while it downloads.

Quick Update

2 December 2005

Ok, now that I've got the bulk of my tweak guides out as planned, there's only two more left before I can take a break from guide-writing over Christmas. To start with I have decided not to do my full Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tweak Guide until the first patch for the game is released: it is currently too buggy to tweak, and most of the problems cannot be tweaked away. Secondly - and a much larger task - is my full revision of the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion. I have plenty of material, I just need to organise it and undergo the (somewhat tedious) task of updating the TGTC, hopefully in time to release it on the 22nd of December for its one-year anniversary. Stay tuned!

Steam Update for Day of Defeat: Source

1 December 2005

A Steam update for DOD:S has been released, adding a new map dod_argentan. Restart your Steam client while online to download the update.

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