Far Cry Tweak Guide

Author: Koroush Ghazi

Last Modified: September 2007


Far Cry is a game I'd heard little about until the Far Cry Demo was suddenly released in late January 2004. When I played the demo my first reaction was quite simply "Wow!". Here was a game which had crept up on me without any warning and gave me my first taste of the next generation of gaming. I spent hours cleaning the drool off my keyboard.

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Well the final version of Far Cry has been released, and I can again only say "Wow". This game has everything a fan of first person shooters would want: Jaw-droppingly gorgeous graphics, great sounds and atmosphere, amazing game physics, unprecedented AI, and the depth of gameplay and attention to detail that backs it all up.

I bet you're wondering "If Far Cry is so great, why does it need a Tweak Guide smart guy?". Well Far Cry's major strength is also its downfall - the amazing CryEngine game engine from CryTek is a demanding mistress. Your entire system will get a workout from Far Cry, often with unpleasant results. That's the mission of this guide...to make sure you avoid the pitfalls of the game and experience naught but the sweet nectar of Far Cry’s tropical fruit. Along with the regular slew of detailed setting descriptions, troubleshooting tips and console commands, the guide thoroughly covers the advanced tweaks which allow you to customize this game to suit your tastes.

Enter the guide. It'll be worth it, I promise you!

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Note: This guide refers to the latest version of Far Cry (Version 1.4 and Version 1.32 64-bit). Make sure to check back regularly for updates.