Joint Operations Tweak Guide

[Page 8] Console Commands

To open the small 1-line in-game command console, press the '~' key. To open the full command console, press CTRL + ~ together. To close the console press ESC. You can enter a range of commands in the command console, and these are covered in this section.

Please note this list is incomplete, and I require your assistance in both adding more commands, and importantly in getting accurate descriptions for all of them: Email Me

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Common Commands

FPS - Displays the current Frames Per Second (FPS), the minimum FPS, maximum FPS and the CPU load for rendering the image.

RESTART - Restarts the mission from the starting point with full equipment

EXIT - Exits back to the main menu

QUIT - Quits the game back to desktop

HELP - Brings up a 13-page help screen which contains a list of all game commands

HELPMAP - Brings up the Map Legend

PAUSE - Pauses the game, press ESC to unpause

MOUSESCALE [0 - 511] - Adjusts the sensitivity of your mouse in-game. Higher values increase the mouse's sensitivity to movements

FLIPMOUSE - Toggles whether the Mouse Y Axis is inverted or not (See In-Game Settings)

VERBOSE - Toggles verbose feedback mode on/off

SCOPESCALE [128-511] - Adjusts the scale of scoped weapons

HUDDETAIL - Toggles whether the HUD is displayed or not

PRINTSCREEN - Takes a screenshot

TALK [message] - Send Global chat message

SQTALK [message] - Send Squad chat message

CTALK [message] - Send Crew chat message

SHOWSCORE - Display scoreboard


Server Admin Commands

PUNT [playername] - Punts the offending player from the server

PUNTLOG - Creates a punt log file in your \NovaLogic\Joint Operations Typhoon Rising\ directory


BAN [playername] - Bans the offending player from the server

SAVESCORES - Turns score saving on/off

NETDELAY [ping] - Specifies the level of simulated 'lag' ping (in ms)

REDTALK - Allows the server admin to speak to red players only

BLUETALK - Allows the server admin to speak to blue players only

RESETGAME - Ends the current game and starts on the next map





!TIMEOFDAYRATE [seconds?] - Adjusts how fast the day/night cycle works. Enter the length in seconds between start and end of day

!TIMEOFDAY [Time] - Determines the time of day based on 24-hour clock

That's the current list of known Joint Operations console commands. As I mentioned earlier, I need knowledgeable players to send me accurate descriptions of the above commands, and of course any new ones not listed here so I can update this list for all players to use.

The next section has a few neat tweaks and wraps up the entire guide.