Joint Operations Tweak Guide

[Page 6] In-Game Settings (Pt.2)


Sound Effects, Dialog and Music Volume: These settings control the volume of the game's sound effects, in-game voice dialog and background music. You can adjust the level of these to suit your taste, however moving the volume sliders to the far left does not have any impact on performance (i.e. it doesn't remove sounds and music from memory).

2 Speaker/Headphones/Dolby Pro-Logic Audio: Select this setting if you have the appropriate audio setup. This setting should provide the best FPS since it uses the least number of audio channels, however the precise impact depends on your sound hardware and CPU speed.

4 Speaker Audio: Select this setting if you have a 4 speaker audio setup. There may be a reduction in FPS by selecting this setting over the 2 Speaker setup, since there will be 4 audio channels used. On the other hand the sound quality will be better.

5.1 Speaker Audio: If you have a 5.1 audio setup, selecting this option will provide optimal audio quality, with 6 channels used, however there may be a reduction in FPS.

Select 44KHz Output (Higher Quality Sound Effects): Ticking this option means that the game will use the highest sampling rate (44KHz) possible for sound effects, and hence give optimal sound quality. Unticking this option may improve performance, but the audio quality will drop slightly because a lower sampling rate of 22KHz will be used. The precise performance impact of this setting will depend on your sound hardware and your CPU speed.

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To adjust the controls for Joint Operations you need to do two things: firstly choose the device you want to assign a particular function to - the available devices are Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick - and then scroll through the list of Actions below, click in the Control box next to the Action and then select the key, mouse or joystick button to assign to it. None of these settings have any impact on your performance, so set according to your personal taste.

Joystick: If you are not using a joystick, untick the Joystick box on the left of the screen. Has no impact on performance.

Invert Mouse Y Axis: If you are using a mouse in the game (by default it controls your view direction), ticking this option means that pushing your mouse forward will make the character look down, and pulling the mouse backward will do the opposite. Has no impact on performance, set to your personal taste.

Mouse Sensitivity: This slider determines how sensitive your mouse is in-game (if you're using a mouse). The further to the right the slider, the more sensitively your mouse reacts to being moved. Adjust this setting until you can turn around rapidly, yet also make small changes in your aim without excessive jumpiness. Has no impact on performance. Note, if your mouse is 'lagging' in the game, this is primarily due to low framerates. Adjust your settings to improve your average FPS and you will notice an improvement in mouse lag. Also see the Reduce Mouse Lag setting in the Advanced Tweaking section.

Clear Mapping: If you want to clear the current assignment for a particular action, click in the Action box and then click the Clear Mapping button to clear the current assignment to it in the Control box.

Game Defaults: If you believe your control settings are messed up and you want to start from scratch, click this button to reset all the Control options to the game defaults. Doing so will mean you will lose all your existing control customizations.

Well we're done with the In-Game settings. Come back and fine tune them as necessary, but for now we move on to some Advanced Tweaking for Joint Operations.