Joint Operations Tweak Guide

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Official Patch

Joint Operations, just like most modern PC games, has had several official patches released for it shortly after its retail debut. These patches fix a range of issues in the game and make some adjustments to improve overall gameplay, and as such they are a must-install. The latest version of the game is version, and you should definitely install this update as it has a range of gameplay fixes and optimizations. To get the maximum benefit out of the performance optimizations in this patch you should have DirectX9.0c installed on your machine, which you can download from Microsoft DirectX Homepage. Also make sure you have the latest graphics drivers, as they are also required to take advantage of DirectX9.0c.

Note that as of the 1.4.27 patch onwards two new Video options were added to the In-Game menu, namely Pixel Shaders and Texture Compression - both of which can significantly improve performance on older machines. Read the In-Game Settings section on the next page for more details of the impact of these options.

There are three ways you can make sure you have updated to the latest version of the game:

  • Use the Built-in Updater: Make sure you are connected to the Internet, then start Joint Operations and on the main menu screen click the Update option. Alternatively, you can go to your \NovaLogic\Joint Operations Typhoon Rising\ directory and double-click on the UPDATE.EXE file. Either method will open the Novalogic Update Wizard, which will then automatically contact the main Novalogic server, check the current version of your Joint Operations, and if necessary prompt to you to download and install updates. Install all updates indicated to bring your version up to the latest one.

  • Manually download and install patches: The latest patch for Joint Operations can be downloaded from 3DGamers or FileShack among other places. This latest update contains all the fixes from previous updates, so you do not have to install any earlier updates before installing this patch. However, if you've already installed earlier updates there are also smaller patches available which will bring your Joint Operations up to the latest version. You can check for these at places like FileShack or FilePlanet. To install a patch, simply double-click on the downloaded file, and if necessary point the patch to your \NovaLogic\Joint Operations Typhoon Rising\ folder.

  • NovaWorld Login: When logging into NovaWorld from within the game, you will be notified of any new updates. If you want to update, click the Yes button.

  • Generally speaking, it is recommended you use the Built-in Updater to both update your game, and to regularly check for new updates. This is particularly true immediately after a new patch release, since many sites may not have the latest version. However if you want to back up particular patches you can download them separately for storage. Either way, make sure you are updated to the latest version of the game since this not only means you have the best performance, but it is also a requirement for joining servers running the latest version of the game.

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    No-CD Patch

    Novalogic has taken what could be considered a very wise step, and not included any CD check on Joint Operations. This means that you can run the game without the need to keep your game CD in the CD/DVD ROM drive. Therefore there is no need to look for or use any No-CD patches or files. The main form of protection on Joint Operations is its CD Key, which can be found on your CD case. This CD Key is used both during installation, and when signing up to play online. Do not share your CD key with anyone, and never ever provide it in an email, or post it in a forum for any reason. See the Troubleshooting section if you are having issues finding or using your CD Key.

    Maps and Mods

    The Developers of the game have released a beta mission editor called N.I.L.E (Novalogic Interactive Level Editor) which allows users to place and edit objects in real time in 3D or 2D mode. It is 6MB and you can download it from here. Fans have used NILE to create a range of new maps, such as the ones you can download here. However the best place to find a list of maps and mods is NovaXchange, an official NovaLogic site where community-made maps can be uploaded or downloaded. There's a wide range of them there which you can choose from.

    NovaLogic are also releasing an expansion pack to Joint Ops called Joint Operations: Escalation, due out in mid November 2005. This pack will not be free, however it will add heavy combat vehicles and new maps to the mix.

    The next section of the guide covers In-Game Settings for Joint Operations.